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Table 3 Insulin and nutrition dose increments and limits on rate of change in dose per measurement interval designed for patient safety

From: Pilot proof of concept clinical trials of Stochastic Targeted (STAR) glycemic control

Intervention Increments used Maximum change
Insulin 0.0-6.0 U/h in increments of 0.5 U excluding 0.5 U/h +3U (dosing is per hour)
reduce to 0 U/h
Nutrition 30-100% of ACCP/SCCM goal feed of 25 kcal/kg/h [40, 41] in increments of 5%, using a low carbohydrate enteral nutrition formula (local clinical standard) of 35-40% carbohydrate content. Nutrition may be turned off for other clinical reasons (0%) leaving only insulin as an intervention
Same rules apply if parenteral nutrition is used
± 20%
May be set to 0% if clinically specified