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Table 1 Prognosis in cancer patients needing intensive care support: the ten truths

From: Intensive care of the cancer patient: recent achievements and remaining challenges

1. Short-term survival after critical care illness has improved
2. Classic predictors of mortality are no longer relevant
3. Clinicians' understanding of organ dysfunction has improved
4. Some subgroups of patients continue to have high and unchanged mortality
5. The typically used triage criteria for ICU admission are unreliable
6. Three days of ICU management is warranted before making a final decision (ICU trial)
7. Attempt should be made to find a balance between noninvasive treatments and avoiding delays in optimal therapies
8. Close relationship and collaboration need to be developed between intensivists and hematologist/oncologists to increase skills of all sides in the global management of cancer patients
9. Early admission to the ICU for cancer patients is recommended
10. Doing everything possible, even cancer chemotherapy, may improve outcome