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Table 5 Correlations for IAP vs. ventilatory parameters

From: Effect of mechanical ventilation on intra-abdominal pressure in critically ill patients without other risk factors for abdominal hypertension: an observational multicenter epidemiological study

Variable Correlation Ppeak Pplateau PEEP RR Vt SC DC
IAP Pearson correlation -0.139 -0.170 0.333 -0.029 0.754 0.232 0.638
  p value 0.334 0.239 0.018 0.957 0.084 0.658 0.173
  1. ventilator parameters (n = 50)
  2. IAP, intra-abdominal pressure; RR, respiratory rate; Vt, tidal volume; Ppeak, peak pressure; Pplateau, plateau pressure; PEEP, positive end-expiratory pressure; SC, static compliance; DC, dynamic compliance.