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Table 1 Child-oriented adapted WSACS consensus definitions

From: Recognition and management of abdominal compartment syndrome among German pediatric intensivists: results of a national survey

Condition Definition
IAP Pressure within the abdominal cavity (in millimeters mercury; measured at end expiration)
Normal IAP 7 ± 3 mmHg in critically ill children
IAH Sustained or repeated pathological elevation in IAP &#8805 10 mmHg
Grade I IAP 10 to 12 mmHg
   Grade II IAP 13 to 15 mmHg
   Grade III IAP 16 to 18 mmHg
   Grade IV IAP greater than 18 mmHg
ACS Sustained IAP ≥ 10 mmHg associated with new organ dysfunction/failure
   Primary ACS Condition associated with injury or disease in the abdominopelvic region
   Secondary ACS Condition that does not originate from the abdominopelvic region
   Recurrent ACS Condition in which ACS redevelops after previous surgical or medical treatment of primary or secondary ACS
  1. APP, abdominal perfusion pressure; MAP, mean arterial pressure; IAP, intra-abdominal pressure. Modified after Ejike et al. [19].