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Table 2 Therapeutical options to lower IAH

From: Recognition and management of abdominal compartment syndrome among German pediatric intensivists: results of a national survey

Options Evacuation of intraluminal contents Evacuation of intra-abdominal space occupying lesions Improvement of abdominal wall compliance Optimization of fluid administration Optimization of abdominal (APP) and systemic perfusion
Medical, non-invasive options Gastric/rectal tube Diet   Analgetics and sedatives Modest fluid administration Goal-directed fluid administration
  Prokinetics   Positioning Diuretics Pressors
  Fasting   Muscle relaxants   Inotropes
Interventional, minimal-invasive options Gastric decompression Paracentesis   Continuous venous hemofiltration  
  Colonoscopic decompression Percutaneous catheter drainage    
Surgical, invasive options   Decompressive laparotomy Escharatomy/fasciotomy   Laparostomy (TAC)
  1. TAC, temporary abdominal closure. Adapted from Ejike et al. and Cheatham et al. [19, 50]