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Table 4 Univariate logistic regression models for predicting ICU mortality using baseline predictors

From: Comparison of thermodilution measured extravascular lung water with chest radiographic assessment of pulmonary oedema in patients with acute lung injury

Predictora Unadjusted p value 95% CI AUROCb
  odds ratio    
Chest radiograph score 1.77 0.07 (0.95–3.3) 0.66
Extravascular lung 1.12 0.03 (1.01–1.24) 0.68
water index (ml/kg)     
PaO2 / FiO2 0.89 0.04 (0.79–0.99) 0.65
  1. aPer 10–point increase in chest radiograph score and PaO2/FiO2.
  2. bArea under the receiver operating characteristic curve.
  3. No statistically significant difference between these three AUROCs, p = 0.9.