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Table 1 Questionnaire responses regarding risks assessment and management in oxygen therapy

From: Self-reported attitudes versus actual practice of oxygen therapy by ICU physicians and nurses

Question Responses (% of total) Physicians vs. nurses
Is oxygen induced lung injury a concern when placing a patient on mechanical ventilation?   NS
 YES, a major concern 126 (59%)
  due to the high incidence of injury 13 (6%)
  due to the severity of injury 63 (29%)
  due to the high incidence and severity of injury 50 (23%)
 YES, but not a major concern 80 (37%)
 NO, it is not a concern 9 (4%)
In your opinion, which one of the following two situations poses a greater threat of lung injury for mechanically ventilated patients?   NS
 High FiO2 35 (16%)
 High tidal volumes and high ventilator pressures 173 (81%)
 Don't know 7 (3%)
In situations when maximal SaO2 achievable is low (±85%) or when FiO2 requirements are high, do you assess indices of tissue oxygenation?   P = 0.05
 NO 91 (43%)
 YES, lactate 88 (42%)
 YES, microcirculation with OPS/SDF imaging 4 (2%)
 YES, a combination of indices 20 (9%)
 YES, SvO2 6 (3%)
 YES, other 2 (1%)
  1. NS, not significant; FiO2, fractions of inspired oxygen; OPS, orthogonal polarization spectral; SDF, sidestream dark field; SaO2, arterial oxygen saturation; SvO2, mixed venous oxygen saturation.