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Table 1 Subjects, industry sponsorship, geographical settings and interventions tested in adult critical care RCTs with increased mortality in intervention groups

From: Trials in adult critical care that show increased mortality of the new intervention: Inevitable or preventable mishaps?

References Subjects of RCT Industry sponsored? Geographical setting Intervention group Control group
Hayes [10] Critically ill No UK High DO2 Normal DO2
Fisher [15] Septic shock Yes USA TNF-α receptor Placebo
Sloan [14] Hemorrhagic shock Yes USA Diaspirin-hemoglobin Normal saline
Takala [13] Critically ill Yes EU Growth hormone Placebo
Edwards [17] Head injury No UK Methylprednisolone Placebo
Perner [12] Severe sepsis No Scandinavia Hetastarch (HES130/0.42) Ringers lactate
Ferguson [16] ARDS No Canada High-frequency oscillation Control ventilation strategy targeting lung recruitment
Finfer [8] Critically ill No Australia/New Zealand/Canada Intensive insulin Normal insulin
Lopez [11] Septic shock Yes EU/North America iNOS inhibitor (546C88) Placebo
Gao Smith [9] ALI/ARDS No USA IV salbutamol Placebo
  1. DO2 oxygen delivery, NS normal saline, iNOS inducible nitric oxide synthase, IV intravenous, ARDS acute respiratory distress syndrome