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Table 4 Randomized controlled trials in neonatal and paediatric ECMO

From: Concepts from paediatric extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for adult intensivists

Author (ref no) CMV (lived/total) ECMO (lived/total) Pro-ECMO Anti-ECMO Today
Bartlett et al. [52] 0/1 (0 %) 11/11 (100 %) It works, novel study design to minimize death rate Amazement that the study was approved by the review board Play the winner, possible bias, small numbers
O’Rourke et al. [53] 6/10 (60 %) 28/29 (97 %) It works It might work but is unproven Small numbers
UK neonatal study [9] 38/92 (41 %) 63/93 (68 %) It works No standardized protocol for treatment of control patients Suggestive of benefit but some methodological problems
  1. CMV conventional mechanical ventilation, ECMO extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, UK United Kingdom