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Table 3 Major risk factors for AKI related to patient susceptibilities and/or to exposures in hospitalized patients

From: Acute kidney injury in the perioperative period and in intensive care units (excluding renal replacement therapies)

Underlying susceptibilities Procedures/exposures
Age ≥65 yearsa Sepsisa
Chronic kidney diseasea Haemodynamic instability
Male Perioperative perioda
  Major surgerya (emergency, abdominopelvic, cardiovascular, thoracic, bleeding surgeries)
African origin Severe burn
Obesity (BMI >40 kg/m2) Severe trauma
Arterial hypertension Nephrotoxic agents (drugs, radiocontrast agents)
Congestive cardiac insufficiency  
Hepatocellular insufficiency  
Severe respiratory insufficiency  
  1. aMost important risk factors