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Table 3 Number of unanswered clinical questions by residents and the expert

From: Can we improve transthoracic echocardiography training in non-cardiologist residents? Experience of two training programs in the intensive care unit

Clinical questions Unanswered questions by residents/expert, n
  Group I (136 CCEs) Group II (158 CCEs)
Global LV systolic function 0/0 2/1
Heterogeneous LV contraction 4/6 6/20
 RV dilatation 1/2 6/1
 Paradoxal septum 6/4
Significant LS valve disease 17/4 12/5
 Significant MR 8/2 10/5
 Significant MS 20/1 10/5
 Significant AR 8/1 15/4
 Significant AS 24/2 14/3
Pericardial effusion 2/1 1/0
Significant respiratory variations of IVC diameter 50/28 35/20
LVEF 2/1 4/1
LVOT VTI 37/15 15/31
LV filling pressure and diastolic functiona   
 Ratio E/A 20/23 41/49
 Ratio E/e′ 13/26 29/48
Aortic peak velocity 58/23 29/21
  1. A late transmitral velocity, AR aortic regurgitation, AS aortic stenosis, CCE critical care transthoracic echocardiography CI confidence interval, E early transmitral velocity, e′ lateral early diastolic velocity of the myocardium at the level of the lateral mitral annulus, IVC inferior vena cava, LS left-sided, LV left ventricular, LVEF left ventricular ejection fraction, LVOT left ventricular outlfow tract, MR mitral regurgitation, MS mitral stenosis, RV right ventricular, VTI velocity time integral
  2. aSinus rhythm