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Table 5 Analysis of independent transfusion risk factors for nosocomial infection in a combined model

From: Transfusion of platelets, but not of red blood cells, is independently associated with nosocomial infections in the critically ill

Blood product Cox regression
Hazard ratio 95 % CI p value
Red blood cells
 RBC transfusiona 1.088 0.843–1.403 0.516
 RBC unitsa 0.995 0.978–1.012 0.559
Fresh-frozen plasma
 FFP transfusiona 1.100 0.808–1.499 0.545
 Platelet transfusiona 1.401 1.033–1.901 0.030
  1. aCorrected for exposure bias summarized in propensity scores of the individual transfusion products and corrected for confounders including APACHE predicted length of stay and mechanical ventilation