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Table 4 Serum procalcitonin levels on the first postoperative day as predictor for delayed complications

From: Prognostic value of procalcitonin in patients after elective cardiac surgery: a prospective cohort study

  Postoperative cutoff PCT > 2.95 ng/ml and risk of delayed complications
Odds ratio 95% CI χ 2 (p value)
Crude 66.38 36.73–119.96 265.67 (<0.001)
Adjusted 1 89.76 45.19–178.30 299.22 (<0.001)
Adjusted 2 110.16 51.53–235.52 328.79 (<0.001)
  1. Data are expressed as odds ratios with 95% confidence intervals (CI). Potential confounders in model one (adjusted 1) were: preoperative age, glomerular filtration rates and EuroSCORE 2. In the second model (adjusted 2), we further adjusted for: preoperative C-reactive protein, pulmonary hypertension, valve surgery, combination surgery, redo coronary artery bypass grafting and/or cardiac valve surgery and cardiopulmonary bypass time