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Table 1 Characteristics of the centres and safety-related initiatives

From: Impact of random safety analyses on structure, process and outcome indicators: multicentre study

  Hospital 1 Hospital 2
No. of hospital beds 250 350
Teaching hospital   
 Undergraduate Yes Yes
 Resident physician No Yes
No. of ICU beds   
 Total at the centre 16 30
 ICU participating in study 16 14
Computerized ICU Yes Yes
Active protocol for:   
 Sedation and analgesia No Yes
 Weaning No Yes
 Enteral nutrition Yes Yes
 Monitoring and MV alarms No No
Register of AE No No
Voluntary reporting of AE Yes Yes
ENVIN-ICU participation (BZ, NZ, RZ) Yes Yes
Other checklist systems (Not AASTRE) Prevention of VAP, CRB Prevention of VAP, CRB, intrahospital transfer
Patient types Medical Medical, surgical, trauma
  1. No. absolute number, ICU intensive care unit, MV mechanical ventilation, AE adverse events, ENVIN (National Nosocomial Infections Surveillance Study), BZ Bacteremia Zero Spanish Project, NZ Pneumonia Zero Spanish Project, RZ Resistance Zero Spanish Project, VAP ventilator-associated pneumonia, CRB catheter-related bloodstream infection