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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Sound level intensity severely disrupts sleep in ventilated ICU patients throughout a 24-h period: a preliminary 24-h study of sleep stages and associated sound levels

Characteristics Value
Age, yrs 64.2 ± 13.6
BMI, kg m−2 29.2 ± 5.4
SAPSII score 74.3 ± 27.8
APACHE II score 30.1 ± 11.4
ICU LOS (days) 22.1 ± 18.5
MV duration (days) 15.2 ± 13.3
  1. Key: yrs, years; BMI, body mass index; SAPSII, new simplified acute physiology score; APACHE II score, acute physiological score chronic health evaluation; ICU LOS, ICU length of stay; MV duration, mechanical ventilator duration