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Table 2 Autoantibodies pattern, BAL and CT scan findings of IPAF patients

From: Interstitial pneumonia with autoimmune features: an additional risk factor for ARDS?

PT Autoantibodies BAL CT findings at presentation ILD pattern at CT CT findings at follow-up
PT 1 ANA; SSA/Ro52; anti-centromere Lymphocytic cellular pattern (MA 42%; L 35%; PMN 14%; E 2%) Extensive GGO with crazy-paving mainly in dependent zones and with subpleural sparing; consolidations in costophrenic sulci; some cystic lesions mainly in lower areas LIP Minimal diffuse GGO and subpleural reticulations; rare traction bronchiolectasis; enlarged cystic lesions (20 months)
PT 2 SSA/Ro52 Neutrophilic cellular pattern (MA 9%; L 0%; PMN 91%; E 0%); Foam cells +++ Focal subpleural and peribroncovascular consolidations in upper lobes and extensive consolidations of RLL, with air bronchogram OP Extensive parenchymal fibrosis with large bilateral pleural effusions (after 2 months of ICU stay)
PT3 SSA/Ro52 Physiological cellular pattern (MA 93%; L 2%; PMN 5%, E 0%); Foam cells +++ Subpleural consolidations with air bronchogram, mainly in lower lobes, with perilobular consolidations in RUL OP Diffuse reticulations with architectural distortion and subpleural curvilinear lines; limited traction bronchiectasis (17 months)
PT 4 ANA; SSA/Ro52 Neutrophilic cellular pattern (MA 9%; L 9%; PMN 83%; E 5%) Limited gravity-dependent consolidations with air bronchogram and GGO; some areas of perilobular consolidations OP Gradual development of extensive GGO with reticulations, mainly in lower lobes with traction bronchiectasis (24 months)
PT 5 Anti-Jo1; SSA/Ro52 Lymphocytic cellular pattern (MA 27%; L 57%; PMN 14%; E 2%) Diffuse GGO with subpleural sparing and crazy paving; subpleural consolidations mainly dorsal; initial signs of fibrosis with corkscrew-like traction bronchiectasis in RUL consolidated areas AIP/DAD Minimal subpleural GGO with reticulations; traction bronchiolectasis in RUL (23 months)
PT 6 ANA; SSA/Ro52 Lymphocytic cellular pattern (MA 60%; L 30%; PMN 10%; E 0%) Bilateral consolidations with air bronchogram in lower lobes and dorsal segments of upper lobes. Some GGO in lower lobes and anterior segments of upper lobes. Limited reticulations anteriorly OP NA
PT 7 ANA (nucleolar pattern) Physiological cellular pattern (MA 95%; L 1%; PMN 3%, E 1%) Bilateral quite extensive GGO in upper and lower lobes, with subpleural and peribronchovascular distribution, associated with minimal reticulations in upper lobes and limited consolidations in lower lobes OP/NSIP overlap NA
  1. ANA antinuclear antibodies, RUL right upper lobe, GGO ground-glass opacities, RLL right lower lobe, MA macrophages, L lymphocytes, PMN polymorphonuclear cells, E eosinophils, LIP lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia, OP organizing pneumonia, AIP acute interstitial pneumonia, DAD diffuse alveolar damage, NA not available