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Table 3 Airborne viruses in patients’ ventilator filters

From: A novel sampling method to detect airborne influenza and other respiratory viruses in mechanically ventilated patients: a feasibility study

  Virus Inspiratory filters Expiratory filters
Infected patientsa Influenza 14 9
Rhinovirus 0 1
Metapneumovirus 0 1
Parainfluenza virus 1 1
Non-infected controls Influenza 3 3
Rhinovirus 0 0
Metapneumovirus 0 0
Parainfluenza virus 0 0
Total 18 15
  1. aInfected patients refer to pneumonia patients in whom a bacterium was identified by culture or a respiratory virus was identified either by PCR assay on respiratory secretions (e.g. nasopharyngeal swap, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid) or by serology on serum samples