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Table 5 Multivariate regression model of survival at 28 days, according to physicians’ baseline predictions

From: ICU physicians’ and internists’ survival predictions for patients evaluated for admission to the intensive care unit

Physicians’ predictions Odds ratio* 95% CI P value
  Patients admitted to ICU
Intensive care physicians 1.32 0.90–1.93 0.15
Internists 3.05 1.87–4.95 <0.001
  Patients on ward
Intensive care physicians 1.23 0.78–1.96 0.37
Internists 2.23 1.14–4.34 0.019
  1. *The odds ratios are for a 1 category increase on the 5-point survival prediction scale. Predictions made by internists and by ICU physicians are adjusted for each other