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Table 2 Cox regression analysis for 30-day mortality after ICU admission according to preadmission GC use

From: Effect of preadmission glucocorticoid therapy on 30-day mortality in critically ill patients: a retrospective study of a mixed ICU population in a tertiary hospital

Variable 30-day mortality
Hazard ratio (95% CI) P-value
Unadjusted model
 Preadmission non-GC user 1  
 Preadmission GC user 2.78 (2.38, 3.24) < 0.001
Covariates adjusted model*
 Preadmission non-GC user 1  
 Preadmission GC user 1.62 (1.29, 2.03) < 0.001
 Preadmission GC user with diabetes mellitus 2.29 (1.08, 4.86) 0.031
  1. APACHE Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation, CI confidence interval, GC glucocorticoid, GI gastrointestinal, ICU intensive care unit
  2. *Covariates of P < 0.2 in univariate Cox regression analysis in Additional file 1: Table S1 were included in multivariate Cox regression analysis: age, sex, body mass index, APACHE II, comorbidity at ICU admission (hypertension, diabetes mellitus, diabetes mellitus with chronic GC use, cerebrovascular disease, chronic obstructive lung disease, liver disease, chronic kidney disease, anemia, and cancer), admission through emergency department, postoperative ICU admission, main diagnosis on ICU admission (septic shock, cardiac disease, kidney failure, respiratory insufficiency or failure, trauma, GI bleeding, ischemia or perforation, and post-cardiac arrest)