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Table 3 Questions to experts on vasopressor use

From: Current use of vasopressors in septic shock

1. How should arterial blood pressure (ABP) be monitored in patients with septic shock?
2. What is the ideal time to start vasopressor therapy in treating septic shock?
 a. Should hypovolemia be completely corrected first?
 b. Which variable do you consider most helpful in deciding when to start vasopressor treatment?
3. Which vasopressor should be used as first choice?
 a. Are there situations or patient categories in which a certain vasopressor should be preferred?
4. What is your target? Which variable and which value?
5. Concerning refractory hypotension [20]
 a. What is your definition of refractory hypotension?
 b. Do you accept a lower MAP when it is not possible to achieve the target MAP with high-dose vasopressors? In which situations?
 c. When should a second vasopressor agent be considered? Which one?
 d. Should it replace or be added to the first-choice vasopressor?
 e. Should corticosteroids be used to reach the target?
6. What is your main reason for reducing or stopping vasopressor treatment?