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Table 2 Study participants’ outpatient visits during the first year after discharge from ICU according to medical specialty

From: Ambulatory and stationary healthcare use in survivors of ARDS during the first year after discharge from ICU: findings from the DACAPO cohort

  % of participants reporting at least one visit
General practitioner 93.5
Internist 56.5
Obstetrician/gynecologist 41.1a
Ophthalmologist 32.6
Orthopedist 21.8
Otolaryngologist 25.4
Neurologist, psychiatrist 31.6
Psychotherapist 14.0
Surgeon 20.7
Dermatologist 17.9
Radiologist 36.8
Dentist, orthodontist 58.0
Other specialtyb 13.2
Any specialty 100.0
  1. Multiple answers possible
  2. 100% (N = 386) refers to all participants who provided any information about outpatient visits
  3. aAnalyzed only for women
  4. bMost frequently reported other specialities: urologist, oncologist