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Table 3 Results of the cross-over design analysis for the breathing power (the primary end-point of the study) in the automatic tube compensation and the low-pressure support periods during spontaneous breathing trial in 20 patients

From: Low-pressure support vs automatic tube compensation during spontaneous breathing trial for weaning

 ATCLow PSTreatment effectPeriod effectTreatment × period interaction (carry over effect)
Total breathing power (J/min)9.7 (5.7–21.9)7.2 (4.4–9.6)0.0110.0600.175
Resistive breathing power (J/min)4.8 (1.6–9.9)3.1 (1.9–4.6)0.0350.0860.116
Elastic breathing power (J/min)5.0 (3.6–7.7)3.5 (2.4–5.2)0.00960.0810.238
  1. Values are median (1st–3rd quartiles)
  2. ATC automatic tube compensation, PS pressure support, J/min joules per minute