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Table 4 Electrical impedance tomography indexes in automatic tube compensation and low-pressure support periods during spontaneous breathing trial in 17 patients

From: Low-pressure support vs automatic tube compensation during spontaneous breathing trial for weaning

 ATCLow PSP value
Anterior-to-posterior impedance ratio0.69 (0.58–1.59)0.86 (0.49–1.61)0.55
Center of ventilation54.8 (46.3–58.1)53.7 (46.0–60.2)0.82
Global inhomogeneity index0.62 (0.47–0.80)0.65 (0.50–0.75)0.35
Coefficient of variation0.95 (0.81–1.82)0.96 (0.77–1.39)0.68
  1. Values are median (1st–3rd quartiles)
  2. ATC automatic tube compensation, PS pressure support