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Table 5 Association between HSV, CMV or HSV and CMV reactivation and clinical outcomes

From: Herpes simplex virus and Cytomegalovirus reactivation among severe ARDS patients under veno-venous ECMO

 Mechanical ventilation duration
Coefficientp value
HSV reactivation4.23< 0.01
CMV reactivation2.890.32
HSV and CMV reactivation3.540.11
ECMO duration
 HSV reactivation2.140.26
 CMV reactivation2.230.51
 HSV and CMV reactivation3.880.14
ICU length of stay
 HSV reactivation− 40.02
 CMV reactivation− 3.80.24
 HSV and CMV reactivation− 2.010.42
Hospital length of stay
 HSV reactivation9.390.02
 CMV reactivation− 6.250.57
 HSV and CMV reactivation4.490.52
  1. Multivariate analysis evaluating the clinical impact of HSV, CMV or HSV and CMV reactivation on MV and ECMO duration, ICU and hospital length of stay. The coefficient designates the number of days by which the different endpoints are affected