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Table 6 Multivariate analysis of predictors of AKI development and severity in sepsis patients

From: Surfactant protein D (SP-D) gene polymorphism rs721917 is an independent predictor of acute kidney injury development in sepsis patients: a prospective cohort study

Septic AKI vs. no AKIAge0.0011.139
rs721917CC genotype0.0241.996
Infective foci-urinary tract0.0030.358
SOFA score0.0041.128
Septic AKI stage 3 vs. stage 1Hypertension0.0137.979
Diabetes mellitus0.0106.719
Death vs. survivalAKI0.0071.260
Urinary NGAL levels0.0011.025
rs721917CC genotype0.0053.695