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TableĀ 1 The ten targets of our ultrasound protocol which follow the physical examination of a patient before an emergency airborne evacuation

From: An ultrasound limited test initiating medical airborne transportation (ULTIMAT-protocol): its impact in other settings in medicine

Ultrasound targetsDiseaseNotes
1. Anterior lung slidingSearch for pneumothoraxRules out pneumothorax in a few seconds
2. Anterior lung rocketsSuggests hemodynamic pulmonary edema (patent or occult)Rules out pneumothorax in a few seconds
3. Main veins patencyDeep venous thrombosisDecreasing the risk of dislodgement, a likely event during turbulent transportation. A simple protocol allows fast screening on strategic areas
4. PericardiumPre-tamponadeTakes a few seconds
5. Right ventricle rough volumeMay accompany pulmonary embolismCan be done without Doppler
6. Left ventricle rough contractilityLeft heart functionA reasonable assessment, between the limited physical examination and the comprehensive LV approach using Doppler. Lung ultrasound reinforces this basic approach
7. Bladder repletionUrinary obstacleDiagnosing a urinary obstacle before the transportation seems a fast, simple and basic step
8. Fluid in pleuraMany causesA few seconds are required
9. Fluid in peritoneumIncipient hemorrhageA few seconds are required
10. PneumoperitoneumIncipient severe GI tract disorderA few seconds are required