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Table 3 Vital signs and arterial blood gas tests at termination of HFNC and 1–2 h of NIV as rescue therapy among the patients with HFNC failure

From: The experience of high-flow nasal cannula in hospitalized patients with 2019 novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia in two hospitals of Chongqing, China

 Termination of HFNC1–2 h of NIV as rescue therapyp
RR, breaths/min23 (22–29)24 (21–24)0.12
HR, beats/min74 (67–89)79 (74–88)0.96
SBP, mmHg133 (111–138)125 (111–130)0.34
DBP, mmHg72 (68–76)71 (68–82)0.93
pH7.49 (7.46–7.50)7.49 (7.48–7.50)0.20
PaCO2, mmHg33 (32–36)32 (30–34)0.04
PaO2/FiO2, mmHg114 (79–130)172 (150–208)0.04
FiO2, %50 (40–70)50 (40–70)0.10
  1. RR respiratory rate, HR heart rate, SBP systolic blood pressure, DBP diastolic blood pressure, HFNC high-flow nasal cannula, NIV noninvasive ventilation