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Table 2 Parameter estimates for meropenem from the final covariate two-compartment population pharmacokinetic model

From: Acute-on-chronic liver failure alters meropenem pharmacokinetics in critically ill patients with continuous hemodialysis: an observational study

Structural pharmacokinetic parameters for meropenem (RSE, %)
CL [L/h]5.06 (6.70)ns
V1 [L]8.31an/a
V2 [L]35.5 (33.3)18.5 (33.2)0.05
Q [L/h]7.23 (9.80)n/a
Interindividual variability parameters for meropenem (RSE, %)
CL, CV [%]29.8 (16.8)n/a
Q, CV [%]27.6 (28.8)n/a
Residual variability parameter σ proportional, CV %22.0 (8.40)n/a
  1. RSE is presented on the approximated standard deviation scale
  2. ACLF acute-on-chronic liver failure, NLF patients without liver failure, CL clearance, V1/2 central/peripheral volume of distribution, Q intercompartmental clearance, CV coefficient of variation, ns not statistically significant, n/a not applicable, RSE relative standard error
  3. aValue fixed (see “Methods” section)