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Table 3 Recruitment/inflation ratio (R/I ratio), recruited lung volume (VREC) and respiratory system compliance (CRS) at positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) 5 cmH2O and 15 cmH2O, within 36 h after intubation in the highly recruitable and poorly recruitable patients groups

From: Recruitability and effect of PEEP in SARS-Cov-2-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome

 All patientsHighly recruitable, n = 16Poorly recruitable, n = 9p value
R/I ratio0.55 [0.47–0.77]0.70 [0.55–0.94]0.41 [0.31–0.48]
VREC, mL277 [218–422]338 [245–454]206 [91–275]< 0.01
CRS at PEEP 5 cmH2O, mL/cmH2O50 [38–64]45 [38–66]54 [33–63]0.99
CRS at PEEP 15 cmH2O, mL/cmH2O45 [37–54]45 [38–58]45 [34–53]0.67
  1. Data are presented as median [interquartile range]
  2. p-values refer to the comparison between the highly and poorly recruitable patients groups. R/I ratio is by definition higher in the highly recruitable than in the poorly recruitable patients