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Table 4 Different techniques for NGT insertion

From: A comparison of nasogastric tube insertion by SORT maneuver (sniffing position, NGT orientation, contralateral rotation, and twisting movement) versus neck flexion lateral pressure in critically ill patients admitted to ICU: a prospective randomized clinical trial

Anatomical By technique
Lateral pressure on neck Fibroscopic guided
Cooling of the tube Endotracheal tube guided placement
Anterior displacement of larynx, lifting of thyroid cartilage Using Macintosh laryngoscope or GlideScope with assistance of Magill forceps
Neck flexion Ureteral guidewire
Lateral head positioning I-gel
Neck flexion lateral pressure Proseal LMA
Anterior displacement of the mandible (and a group of older techniques) Ultrasonography
Sort maneuver Airway scope