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Table 1 ICU mobility scale [15]

From: Feasibility, safety, and resource utilisation of active mobilisation of patients on extracorporeal life support: a prospective observational study

ICU mobility scale (IMS)
IMS 0: no mobilisation or passively exercised by staff
IMS 1: sitting in bed and actively exercising
IMS 2: passively moved to chair without standing
IMS 3: sitting over edge of bed
IMS 4: standing in front of bed
IMS 5: transferring bed to chair
IMS 6: marching on spot
IMS 7: walking with assistance of more than one person
IMS 8: walking with assistance of one person
IMS 9: walking independently with a gait aid
IMS 10: walking independently without a gait aid
  1. ICU intensive care unit, IMS ICU mobility scale