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Table 1 Characteristics of patients and circumstances of unplanned extubation

From: Proceedings of Réanimation 2020, the French Intensive Care Society International Congress

Total number of accidental extubations n = 102
Age < 2 years68/102 (67.1%)
Use of sedation80/100 (80.0%)
Patients described as agitated35/96 (36.5%)
Presence of physical restraints90/98 (91.8%)
Nasally inserted endotracheal tube47/101 (46.5%)
Cuffed endotracheal tube53/92 (57.6%)
Unknown circumstances (no staff at bedside)55/102 (53.9%)
Re-intubation rate59/97 (60.8%)
Median nurse to patient ratio1:2.29