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Table 4 Intensive (ICU) and surgical intensive (ICU) care unit admission from the emergency department and ward

From: Biomarkers and clinical scores to aid the identification of disease severity and intensive care requirement following activation of an in-hospital sepsis code

 Biomarker or clinical scorePatients (N)Events (N)AUROCUnivariate
LR χ2OR IQR [95% CI]
Emergency departmentMR-proADM39160.80 [0.66–0.94]10.558.18 [1.75–28.33]
PCT37160.74 [0.57–0.90]7.183.59 [1.27–10.12]
CRP38160.64 [0.46–0.82]2.831.98 [0.85–4.60]
Lactate33140.45 [0.24–0.65]0.720.60 [0.18–1.99]
APACHE II16140.63 [0.33–0.92]0.211.63 [0.20–13.47]
SOFA39160.78 [0.64–0.93]10.215.04 [1.59–15.99]
Ward admissionMR-proADM63280.72 [0.64–0.79]10.13.64 [1.43–9.29]
PCT63280.59 [0.46–0.72]3.51.85 [0.93–3.69]
CRP63280.57 [0.41–0.65]0.80.76 [0.41–1.41]
Lactate63280.57 [0.44–0.70]1.71.49 [0.81–2.74]
APACHE II20160.69 [0.40–0.77]1.30.38 [0.06–2.27]
SOFA63280.64 [0.49–0.75]3.82.03 [0.97–4.24]
  1. APACHE II Acute Physiological and Chronic Health Evaluation II score, AUROC area under the receiver operating characteristic curve, CI confidence interval, CRP C-reactive protein, IQR interquartile range, LR likelihood ratio of the χ2 test, MR-proADM mid-regional proadrenomedullin, N number, OR odds ratio, PCT procalcitonin, SOFA Sequential Organ Failure Assessment score