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Table 5 Independent predictors of poor outcome at ICU admission, multivariate analysis

From: Changes in the clinical presentation and outcomes of patients treated for severe malaria in a referral French university intensive care unit from 2004 to 2017

Patients characteristicsEstimateStd erroradjOR95% CIp value
Ethnic group    0.31
 Caucasian and othersRef 1  
 African− 0.530.530.59[0.21; 1.65] 
Treatment administered    0.21
 ArtesunateRef 1  
 Intravenous quinine1.230.993.43[0.49; 23.9] 
Severity criteria on admission
 Neurological failure1.170.583.23[1.03; 10.08]0.04
 Cardio-circulatory failure2.30.749.92[2.34; 42]< .01
 Serum creatinine > 265 µmol/L2.380.6210.76[3.17; 36.56]< .01
  1. Std error: standard error; adjOR: adjusted odds ratio; 95% CI: 95% confidence interval
  2. NB: variables entered in the stepwise logistic regression model at the first step were: ethnic group; parasitemia greater than 4%, neurological failure; shock; lactate level greater than 1_8 mmol/L; pH < 7.35; serum creatinine > 265 µmol/L; bilirubin level > 50 IU; clinical history of prior malaria; cause of travel