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Table 2 “Validity criteria checklist” before performing volume expansion based on pulse pressure variation/similar methods-provided information. Adapted from [47]

From: Perioperative hemodynamic optimization: from guidelines to implementation—an experts’ opinion paper

1 Is the patient ventilated with CMV without spontaneous efforts?
2 Is the patient ventilated with tidal volume at least 7–8 ml/kg IBW?
3 Is the patient in closed-chest condition?
4 Is the patient in sinus rhythm?
5 Is lung compliance normal?
6 Is the patient unaffected by valvular disease?
7 Is the patient unaffected by right/left ventricular dysfunction?
8 Does the patient have normal abdominal pressure?
9 Is the HR/RR ratio ≥ 3.6?
10 Can you safely assess the efficacy of VE without HR or vasomotor tone changes?
  1. CMV: controlled mechanical ventilation; HR/RR: heart rate/respiratory rate ratio; IBW: ideal body weight; VE: volume expansion