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Table 2 Parameters of the population toxicokinetic model of plasma valproic acid and parameters of the model of plasma valproic acid/blood lactate concentration relationships in valproic acid-poisoned patients managed in the intensive care unit

From: L-carnitine does not improve valproic acid poisoning management: a cohort study with toxicokinetics and concentration/effect relationships

Parameters Mean CV%
Population toxicokinetic model (n = 19)
ka (/h) 0.5 Fixed
Vd/F (L) 39.9 28.1
Cl/F (L/h) 1.2 22.1
ke (/h) 0.03 28.1
t1/2 (h) 22.9 28.1
η(V/F) (%) 1.1 30.7
η(Cl/F) (%) 0.9 32.3
εprop 0.4 23.0
Relationships between blood lactate and plasma valproic acid concentrations (n = 8)
E0 (mmol/L) 1.3 43.9
κ (L/mg) 0.003 59.5
  1. ka, absorption rate constant; Vd/F, apparent volume of distribution; Cl/F, apparent total body clearance; ke, elimination rate constant; t1/2, elimination half-life; η(V/F), inter-individual variability in the apparent volume of distribution; η(Cl/F), inter-individual variability in the apparent clearance; εprop, proportional error of the model; E0, baseline blood lactate level; κ, rate constant of the effect; CV%, coefficient of variation