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Table 2 Predictive value of techniques used to determine fluid responsiveness [15]

From: Hemodynamic parameters to guide fluid therapy

Method Technology AUC*
Pulse pressure variation (PPV) Arterial waveform 0.94 (0.93-0.95)
Systolic pressure variation (SPV) Arterial waveform 0.86 (0.82-0.90)
Stroke volume variation (SVV) Pulse contour analysis 0.84 (0.78-0.88)
Left ventricular end-diastolic area (LVEDA) Echocardiography 0.64 (0.53-0.74)
Global end-diastolic volume (GEDV) Transpulmonary thermodilution 0.56 (0.37-0.67)
Central venous pressure (CVP) Central venous catheter 0.55 (0.48-0.62)
  1. *AUC = area under the curve with 95% confidence intervals