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Table 2 Trials without significant difference between antibiotic monotherapy and combination therapy for CAP

From: Combination antibiotic therapy for community-acquired pneumonia

Author Year Cohort Outcome Study design
Burgess and Lewiss [30] 2000 Hospitalized CAP without identified microorganism Nonstatistical differences third-generation cephalosporin ± macrolide Bicenter, retrospective
Dwyer et al. [31] 2006 Bacteremic pneumococcal CAP No significant difference in case fatality if initial β-lactam + macrolide Multicenter, retrospective
Harbarth et al. [32] 2005 Pneumococcal sepsis Lack of effect of combo therapy Multicenter, retrospective
Leroy et al. [33] 2005 CAP without vasopressors Levofloxacin vs. cefotaxime + ofloxacin Multicenter, retrospective