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Table 1 Conditions commonly associated with cTn elevations

From: Cardiac biomarkers in the intensive care unit

Aortic dissection*
Acute heart failure*
Coronary vasospasm*
Cardiomyopathy, e.g., postpartum
Coronary vasculitis, e.g., SLE, Kawasaki Syndrome*
Cardiac contusion
Pulmonary embolus
Sepsis/septic shock
Takotsubo cardiomyopathy
Renal failure
Severe neurological disorders
Pulmonary hypertension - severe
Radiofrequency ablation*
Extreme exertion
  1. *Elevations of cTn in the absence of overt ischemic heart disease or in the patient with normal coronary arteries include those patients with myocardial ischemia from noncoronary disease, and by definition come into the MI type II classification. Certain conditions result in chronic elevations of cTn, including chronic renal failure, chronic heart failure, stable CAD, marked left ventricular wall hypertrophy, and aortic stenosis [11].