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Figure 1

From: Effect of mechanical ventilation on intra-abdominal pressure in critically ill patients without other risk factors for abdominal hypertension: an observational multicenter epidemiological study

Figure 1

IAP measurement technique. A centimeter of water scale is inserted instead of a transducer. Adapted from Cheatham and Safcsak's technique [8] (reprinted with permission from the author). MV baseline settings were as follows: FiO2 0.5, tidal volume (Vt) 6 to 8 ml/kg, no PEEP, respiratory rate (RR) 16 to 22/min, plateau pressure (Pplateau) <30 mmHg. Static compliance (SC) and dynamic compliance (DC) were calculated according to the following formulas: SC = Vt/Pplateau - PEEP DC = Vt/Ppeak - PEEP

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