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Table 2 Important characteristics of biomarkers for clinical use in acute infections (from[3])

From: Role of biomarkers in the management of antibiotic therapy: an expert panel review: I – currently available biomarkers for clinical use in acute infections

Criteria for use Characteristics
Diagnostic test General: known preanalytic and analytic (accuracy, reproducibility) as well as physiological (intra and interindividual) variability, integrated in the interpretation of assay results
High predictive values
Ability to differentiate sepsis and noninfectious SIRS (specificity)
Ability to differentiate acute viral from bacterial infection
Prognostic test Early detection of patients at risk of a complicated course
Levels associated with the inflammatory response (i.e., correlated to the severity of presentation and/or to organ dysfunctions)
Predictor of mortality
Therapeutic test Follow-up of the efficacy of a therapy (e.g., rapid kinetics, independent of organ dysfunction)
Accessibility Routinely available
Good acceptability to patients (i.e., noninvasive)
Rapid turnaround time
Easily interpreted
Low cost