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Table 3 Maximum storage days and risk of ALI/ARDS in patients with sepsis

From: Longer storage duration of red blood cells is associated with an increased risk of acute lung injury in patients with sepsis

Characteristics Odds ratio 95% CI p value
Maximum storage days (32 vs. 20) 2 1.12-3.58 0.02
Unit of transfused blood (4 vs. 2) 0.88 0.54-1.45 0.626
Age (65 vs. 47 yr) 0.64 0.38-1.07 0.089
Baseline APACHE II score (33 vs. 23) 0.89 0.52-1.54 0.676
Current smoker (yes vs. no) 0.86 0.39-1.91 0.717
  1. Odds ratio for maximum storage days is the odds of developing ALI/ARDS in the 96 hours after transfusion for the patients receiving RBCs in the 75th compared with 25th percentile of maximum storage duration, defined as the unit of RBCs of the longest storage duration received by a patient.