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Table 4 Attributed sources of secondary ICU acquired bloodstream infections

From: Healthcare-associated bloodstream infections in critically ill patients: descriptive cross-sectional database study evaluating concordance with clinical site isolates

Source of blood culture isolate Concordant isolaten(%) Discordant isolatesn(%)
Pulmonary (BAL or sputum) 50(53.2) 50(70.4)
Renal/urinary tract 22(23.4) 25(35.2)
Skin and soft tissue 8(8.5) 11(15.5)
Other (aortic valve graft, joint aspirate, limb tissue) 8(8.5) 10(14.1)
Intra-abdominal (fluid or surgical swab) 10(10.6) 6(8.5)
Surgical wound site 3(3.2) 5(7.0)
  1. Note: Isolates have been attributed to multiple sources where concordant cultures exist for more than one organ system within the 48-h window before and after the blood culture was taken. Denominator for calculating proportions were the total number of concordant isolates (n =94) and discordant isolates (n =71). BAL, bronchoalveolar lavage.