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Table 2 Open ended written feedback for eCODES by age group

From: Development and usability testing of a Web-based decision aid for families of patients receiving prolonged mechanical ventilation

  45 and younger n = 12 46 to 55 n = 7 56 to 65 n = 6 66 and older n = 5
What did you like most about the eCODES program? • Easy information particularly if you have no experience in this situation   • iPad is a familiar platform • Easy to use
• Easy to use   • (it asked) good questions • Informative
• It puts it in black and white   • (helps) reinforce the decision • Information is easy to use and helpful
• It focuses the question at hand on the patient   • Wording is simple • Gives another data point
• User friendly   • Interactive  
• Self-explanatory    
• How it broke the thought process down    
• [Gives] explanations for different treatments    
• I liked how patient and family centered it was    
• Informative    
• It was interactive    
• You could get good information for your loved one    
What did you dislike most about the eCODES program? • A sensitive topic   • Doesn’t make decision for you • Simplistic
• I don’t like touch screens   • Back/forth buttons have a delay  
   • I am an impatient person with computers  
How could the eCODES program be improved? • Would like even more information about prognosis    • Make [the information] more complex
• Make forward button more obvious    
• Even more illustrations    
• Make more options focusing on each specific patient’s case