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Table 4 Sensitivity analyses of model performance in Model 3 using restricted cubic splines for continuous predictorsa for 60-day hospital and 60-day ICU mortality

From: Risk factors for and prediction of mortality in critically ill medical–surgical patients receiving heparin thromboprophylaxis

Model performance Goodness-of-fit C index SMR (95 % CI)
p valueb AIC
Hospital mortality in derivation set (n = 1891)c 0.54 5691 0.63 1.007 (0.963–1.054)
Hospital mortality in validation set (n = 1855)c 0.51 5924 0.62 0.988 (0.943–1.034)
ICU mortality in the whole set (n = 3746)d 0.69 8177 0.64 1.005 (0.973–1.037)
  1. AIC Akaike information criterion, SMR standardized mortality ratio
  2. aContinuous predictors included BMI, APACHE score and the interaction between them for hospital mortality, and continuous predictors only included BMI and APACHE score for ICU mortality
  3. bBased on Groennesby and Borgan test
  4. cModel 3 for hospital mortality included BMI, medical admission, inotropes or vasopressors, acetylsalicylic acid or clopidogrel, APACHE II score and the interaction between BMI and APACHE II score
  5. dModel 3 for ICU mortality consisted of BMI, medical admission, invasive mechanical ventilation and APACHE II score