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Table 7 Results for sensitivity analyses of model performance in the new model for 30-day hospital mortality and 30-day ICU mortality

From: Risk factors for and prediction of mortality in critically ill medical–surgical patients receiving heparin thromboprophylaxis

Model performance Goodness-of-fit C index SMR (95 % CI)
p valuea AIC
Hospital mortality in derivation set (n = 1891)b 0.74 4682 0.63 1.005 (0.960–1.051)
Hospital mortality in validation set (n = 1855)b 0.76 4789 0.65 1.006 (0.961–1.053)
ICU mortality in the whole set (n = 3746)c 0.65 7559 0.64 1.003 (0.971–1.036)
  1. AIC Akaike information criterion, SMR standardized mortality ratio
  2. aBased on Groennesby and Borgan test
  3. bThe new model for 30-day hospital mortality included BMI, medical admission, inotropes or vasopressors, acetylsalicylic acid or clopidogrel and APACHE II score
  4. cThe new model for 30-day ICU mortality consisted of BMI, medical admission, invasive mechanical ventilation and APACHE II score