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Table 4 Lung histological analysis results obtained from open lung biopsy or autopsy in patients with and without ARDS risk factor identified

From: Etiologies, diagnostic work-up and outcomes of acute respiratory distress syndrome with no common risk factor: a prospective multicenter study

Parameters ARDS patients with ≥1 risk factor identified upon ARDS diagnosis (n = 2579) ARDS patients with no risk factor identified upon ARDS diagnosis (n = 234) p value
Open lung biopsy 5a (0.2) 6 (2.6) <0.001
DAD 0 2b  
Pulmonary fibrosis 0 2  
Normal lung histology 2 2  
Autopsy c 50 (5.5) 6 (9.4) 0.26
Pulmonary edema 11 3  
Pneumonia 12 1  
DAD 10 2  
Pulmonary fibrosis 7 2  
Atelectasis 4 1  
Normal lung histology 2 3  
Intra-alveolar hemorrhage 1 1d  
  1. DAD, diffuse alveolar damage; AIP, acute interstitial pneumonia
  2. aResults were only available for 2 patients
  3. bIncluding one patient with spumous macrophages related to cordarone-induced pneumonia
  4. cPercentages have been computed with the number of decedents in the ICU as the denominator. Numbers in the column do not match with the total number of autopsies performed as some autopsy findings were unavailable and some patients had several histological findings
  5. dDue to massive hemoptysis