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Fig. 3 | Annals of Intensive Care

Fig. 3

From: Respiratory variations of inferior vena cava fail to predict fluid responsiveness in mechanically ventilated patients with isolated left ventricular dysfunction

Fig. 3

Correlation of dIVC and VTI. a Correlation of dIVC and VTI in all patients, r = 0.535, p < 0.001. b Correlation of dIVC and VTI in ILVD patients, r = 0.196, p = 0.309. c Correlation of dIVC and VTI in NLVF patients, r = 0.722, p < 0.001. Correlation of dIVC and VTI derived from NLVF patients was strengthened than that derived from all patients, p = 0.020. ILVD isolated left ventricular systolic dysfunction, NLVF normal left ventricular function; dIVC inferior vena cava distensibility index, VTI velocity–time integral change after passive leg raising

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