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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Survey of non-resuscitation fluids administered during septic shock: a multicenter prospective observational study

  Missing data
Number of patients200NA
Female sex71 (36)0
Age, years69 (59–77)0
Weight at admission, kg78 (66–90)15
SAPS-373 (64–82)30
SOFA score on day 110 (8–12)0
Highest lactate concentration on day 1, mmol/l3.6 (2.7–5.2)0
Length of ICU stay, h78 (47–169)0
Alive at ICU discharge158 (79.0)0
Alive at 30 days129 (64.5)0
Renal replacement therapy48 (24)0
Mechanical ventilation135 (67.5)0
Surgery58 (29)0
Source of sepsis
 Abdominal71 (35.0) 
 Respiratory70 (34.5) 
 Soft tissue24 (11.8) 
 Genitourinary19 (9.4) 
 Cardiovascular3 (1.5) 
 Central nervous system1 (0.5) 
 Unknown15 (7.4) 
  1. Data are presented as median (IQR) or as number (%). Mechanical ventilation and renal replacement therapy at any time during the study observation period. Surgery as a cause of sepsis or for source control
  2. NA non-applicable