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Table 3 Prediction of extubation failure

From: Thenar oxygen saturation (StO2) alterations during a spontaneous breathing trial predict extubation failure

 AUCp(95% CI)
StO2 at baseline0.57ns0.43–0.72
DeO2 ratio0.72< 0.010.58–0.85
nirVO2 ratio0.690.020.56–0.81
Hyperemia AUC00.730.010.58–0.88
Hyperemia AUC300.74< 0.010.62–0.87
StO2 score0.84< 0.0010.74–0.93
ScvO2 at min 300.720.040.58–0.85
% change in ScvO20.59ns 
  1. DeO2ratio quotient between StO2-deoxygenation rate at the end of SBT and at baseline, nirVO2ratio quotient between NIRS-derived local oxygen consumption at the end of SBT and at baseline, HAUC area under the curve of the hyperemic response, StO2 tissue oxygen saturation, ScvO2 central venous oxygen saturation, % change in ScvO2 refers to the % change in ScvO2 at min 30 of the SBT as compared to baseline ScvO2